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Asking a shaykh to decide on one’s marriage

Firstly I have seen sometimes the shaykhs informing the marriage mustnt take place and that the couple will split or wont be happy or will be happy in the beginning but split later. the side that consults then abandons the marriage preparation. Shouldnt these families and individuals be seeking the decision of their shaykhs BEFORE meeting the prospective bridegroom/bride and other side? Continue reading

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Dream: Ishtikara

I did ishtikara for the continuation of my marriage again I am sorry I have put different results in different posts if you can just answer one sorry as they must all point to one sign… Continue reading

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Mawlana i have a opportunity for another job but i am already working but i want to change to new job but im little unsure please Mawlana pray for me that i make the right choose. Continue reading

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Marriage Issue (continued)

There has been a change – they have actually issued (I collected) divorce papers from their home… Continue reading

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Submitted Assignment with Help from Senior Students

I have recently submitted a university group assignment. One group member provided a copy of the exact same assignment by a senior student… Continue reading

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