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Halal vs. Organic meat

I really want to feed my familiy clean, organic, healthy AND halal meat. But it seems that i have to choose one or the other. Do you have any thoughts on this? Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Where am I?
Where am I?

Could you help with my tariqa situation. I feel lost inside and am really hoping that I may be able to be a good person with the opportunity that The Almighty has given me. Continue reading

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Where am I?

Dream: Sahaba Karaam (R.A) and Milk

I, some months ago saw a dream in which a Mawlana gives me a lot of milk to drink. I am drinking it in excess and after some time I stopped… Continue reading

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for hair growth

i am loosing my head hairs.please pray for my hairs and plz tell me what can i do so that they can stop breaking… Continue reading

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