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A conditional vow made to God

If a person makes a vow to God (not knowing it was wrong), that if you give me this, I’ll give this much Continue reading

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Adağı yerine getirmek (Fulfulling a Vow)

I made a debt upon myself (a vow) to recite 30,000 salawat. If I recite the following salawat as mentioned on your Sufilive.com/Salawat website, will my vow be fulfilled? Continue reading

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Nazar- “Making vow” in Wrong Intention

My friend just recently moved to a new bungalow lot and his wife has make a vow-“Nazar” not to sleep with him until the land title… Continue reading

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Expiation for broken vow

Q: I made a vow last year (fulfilling all the conditions of an oath in Shariah) not to indulge in a particular act of sin for a period of six months (so, for example, if I made the vow on 01 July, it was up to 31 Dec). I stipulated a condition in the vow that if I did engage in that act, I would give X amount of money in charity within 03 days of committing the sin…? Continue reading

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