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Has forgiveness been accepted

If an abortion has taken place between 5-7 weeks of pregnancy due to being lead astray what can one do to repent and compensate for such a massive sin (recitation)… Continue reading

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How can you tell if Allah forgives you?

‘m a revert and married, A few years ago I lost myself completely all be it at a time when I thought I was high in iman, my arrogance nearly destroyed my marriage. … Continue reading

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Need for cleaning the sins

I want to ask that what should be a man do who has done all kinds of adulteries from his teenage to adulthood… Continue reading

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Long Term Depression

Its been six months since I have had major depression from waswas and now am struggling with thoughts where i don’t know what am saying that when my heart… Continue reading

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Will Allah forgive shaytan?

Sorry for this stupid question but I felt I should ask. My question is that since Allah is the most forgiving, will he forgive shaytan?
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Mistakes during salaat

1) During salaat-ul-tasbih I forget to do tasbih at some stage. How do I rectify my mistake? Continue reading

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Is there forgiveness for a sinner?

Q: Has Maulana Shaykh Nazim thrown me out from the Tariqat because I’ve not done my award, I don’t do my prayers, I don’t fast, I’ve committed Adultery even taken drugs. I’ve renewed my bayat but I feel so empty… Continue reading

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